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Double D Imaging - Couple

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Ratings count. Budget counts too. We're here to help you rake in the ratings without forking over bunches of budget.

Introducing a new kind of personality imaging that will put your station one step ahead in the ratings game!
Double D Imaging - Couple Imaging with a twist!

You remember the "Maxwell House" spots back in the eighties! Two strangers meet and with each commercial the audience grows with their relationship as it blossoms through a mutual interest.

That's us with your radio station.

Welcome to Couple Imaging! The next generation of radio relationship to hit the air waves. Personality plus to have your station standing out above the rest.

DOUBLE THE TALENT - two top pros for the price of one
DOUBLE GENDER OPTIONS - Male and Female for every liner and copy
DOUBLE THE IMAGING VALUE – for less hard cost
DOUBLE THE BONUSES - with tons of perks thrown in!

This is one opportunity you will want to take for a test drive!

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