Deb Munro

Deb's specialty is speaking to her audience from the client's point of view as if it was her own. Connecting to your demographic on their level. Whether you want conversational, sultry, soft, professional, flat, quirky to hard sell, she can deliver the script in a way that will have your audience connected to your message, engaged and wanting to know more. By employing over fifteen years wisdom in voicing and acting, Deb constantly trains to keep up with the challenging demands of today's fast paced voice market. Not only will she provide you with top quality production and a lightning quick turnaround, she can offer you a multitude of reads ranging from the refreshingly direct to the keenly sublime. From soft to hard, corporate to down-home comfortable and everything in between, she will spice up your production with flawless vocal acrobatics, unforgettable characters, and her specialty… a sultry read that will positively twist your knickers!

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Doug de Nance

Doug de Nance is a most unique talent with an award winning history in two distinct voice work disciplines. Doug records voice over projects every day, while also performing consistently as a live event announcer - most notably (or notoriously) as the voice of monster truck shows. As a result, Doug provides his clients a skill set not typically found in voice over alone – a thoroughly experienced, well trained voice over professional combined with a live announcer's abilities to quickly adapt and dramatize. Doug makes voice work easy, effective and efficient for his clients that keeps them coming back time and time again.

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